A nEw beGinNinG..

Back to uni for the last semester…came back early this time around..i think it is the earliest among the 4 and a half years I am here…

So…this is the final semester..and what’s in store for me? I moved to the fourth floor..and that means extra 2 flight of stairs that I have to climb to get back to my room..and…the blur me had poured water on my laptop keyboard…ho0Ww sad!!left it to dry for a day..then now…I realize the keyboard cannot function anymore…guess I just have to buy a new external keyboard…hope just the keyboard is not working…

Monday will be the starting of a brand new semester…hope things will be smooth sailing…fIngErS CroSseD!!

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does it mean that as one’s wisdom teeth grows, she will become wiser?now all my wisdom teeth are all growing..but one does not have enough space to grow…and i am in great pain!!

unfortunately,now is study week and i have paper on monday,tuesday and friday and the next friday…so when can i do the surgery to remove the pathethic wisdom tooth of mine….it is really killing me…even bread is too hard to eat…so i can only ‘drink’ porridge…

painkillers are my best friends for now…

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a week to rest of war?

not much time for me to update my post in my university…plus the ever “super duper FAST” internet…it just turned me off…haha..

yesterday a thief broke into my room!it is not the first time..it is the second time in fact…is she i suppose…stole my RM 200 my roomate’s RM 50 and both of our ATM card…isn’t that just stupid????think she climbed in through the window….

and….these few days things are just bad…before this,i had to jump start my car twice,because of my own silly fault…forgot to off the cabin light…

Bless me!hope better things will come right?hav presentation next monday…wish me luck!

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ONE,TWO,THREE,FOUR,FIVE,SIX,SEVEN…..so today is the seventh day of class already…i am being kind of…off the right path these few days..still having sore throat..

so….i have decided to major in Petroleum Engineering..but i believe it does not make much difference as i will still graduate as a Chemical Engineer,not Petroleum Engineer..so,what i choose,i believe is just a matter of ‘what course’…i still have to study all the same isn’t it?

here,in my uni..it is like impossible to upload picture i think..the network is super slow…anyway…back to this small small place…what nice pictures can i show?the ‘nerdy’ pictures of angie doing her assignments and projects?lol….

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i am bored….boredness=sieness…

back to this place..is like a jail..and i feel like a bird,kept in a cage..with no place to fly…hmm..i feel a little lonely too…i miss u..

in a lineles room,i am kept away from the world outside..to send a message,to make a call..i have to walk out of the block..

nothing much to do now..as it is still the beginning of the semester….when will this feeling go?

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UnI lIfe sTarTs aGaiN!

started…endless asignments,endless projects…what else?cannot remember…i feel liike getting away!but cannot….hope this year…the final year pass faster…


AND MY STUPIDROOM HAS NO LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DAMN!!!

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last post from my host company….so sad..have to say goodbye to my collagues…and especially my supervisor…hmmm….bye bye to all…hope we all will meet again in the future…

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lAsT dAy oF woRk…

hey guys..today is my last day of work already..that means this is the last day of my internship..and after my short holiday i will be back to Malaysia…HOME SWEET HOME!

i would not be able to update my blog for some time due to this..so friends..take care!!

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heRe hE is!!

hey friends..so our faiker just reached Germany this very morning..after so so long!at last i saw a friend not from germany…haha…what is the feeling?it doesn’t feel like we have not seen each other for a long time..nor does it feel awkward..just happy!

oh ya!yesterday i went out to see the football match between Turkey and Germany..it feels great to be in a country that is playing..and with the very high population of turkish here,can you imagine the atmosphere?DANGEROUS!!

people shouting everywhere,cursing…and i am watching from a Turkish shop..when Germany won,i don’t dare to cheer loudly,because the face of the owner of the shop is..so so black..like charcoal!

today…is my second last day for internship!yea…ok ok..i have to finish my last task today..and see my boss in a while..get back to work!!:)


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1. Don’t go for looks, they can
deceive. Don’t go for wealth even that
fades away. Go for someone who makes
you smile.

2. There are moments in life when you
really miss someone that you want to
pick them up from your dreams and hug
them. Hope you dream of that someone.

3. Dream what you want to dream, go
where you want to go, be what you want
to be, because you have only one life
and one chance to do all the things
you want in life.

4. May you have…Enough happiness to
make you sweet Enough trials to make
you strong Enough sorrow to keep you
human Enough hope to make you happy
And enough money to keep you

5. When one door of happiness closes,
another opens. But we often took so
long at the closed door, that we don’t
see the one which has been opened for

6. The best kind of friend is the one
you could sit on a porch, swing with,
never saying a word and then walk away
feeling like that was the best
conversation you’ve had.

7. It’s true that we don’t know what
we’ve got until we lose it, but it’s
also true that we don’t know what
we’ve been missing until it arrives.

8. Always put yourself in other’s
shoes. If you feel that it hurts you,
it probably does hurt the person too.

9. A careless word may kindle a
strife; A cruel word may wreck a life
A timely word may level stress A
lovely word may heal and bless.

10. The beginning of love is to let
those we love be perfectly themselves
and not to twist them with our own
image, otherwise we love only the
reflection of ourselves we find in

11. The happiest people don’t
necessarily have the best of
everything, they just make the most of
everything that comes along the way.

12. Maybe God wants us to meet a few
wrong people before meeting the right
one so that when we finally meet the
right person, we should know how to be
grateful for that gift.

13. It takes a minute to have a crush
on someone, an hour to like someone
and a day to love someone, but it
takes a lifetime to forget someone.

14. Happiness lies for those who cry,
those who hurt, those who have
searched and those who have tried. For
only they can appreciate the
importance of people who have touched
their lives.

15. Love is when you take away the
feeling, the passion, the romance and
find out you still care for that

16. A sad thing about life is that
when you meet someone who means a lot
to you only to find out in the end
that it was never bound to be and you
just have to let go.

17. Love starts with a smile, develops
with a kiss and ends with a tear.

18. Love comes to those who still hope
even though they’ve been disappointed,
to those who still believe even though
they’ve been betrayed, need to love
those who still love, even though
they’ve been hurt before.

19. It hurts to love someone, and not
to be loved in return but what is most
painful is to love someone and never
finds the courage to let the person
know how you feel.

20. The brightest future will always
be based on a forgotten past. You
can’t go on well in life until you let
go of your past failures and

21. Never say goodbye when you still
want to try; Never give up when you
still feel you can take it; Never say
you don’t love that person anymore
when you can’t let go.

22. Giving someone all your love is
never an assurance that they’ll love
you back. Don’t expect love in return,
just wait for it to grow in their
hearts but if it doesn’t, be content
it grew in yours.

23. There are things you love to hear
but you would never hear it from the
person whom you would like to hear it
from, but don’t be deaf to hear it
from the person who says it with his

24. When you were born, you were
crying and everyone around you was
smiling. Live your life to the fullest
so that when you die, you’re smiling
and everyone around you is crying.

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